I have been a long time player of role playing games.  In the fantasy category that is currently Pathfinder for me.  This page is a list of resources for my players to use. The former producers of Dungeon and Dragon magazines, Paizo turned their resources and skill at producing quality gaming to their own game when Wizards pulled the D&D license from them.  It is now thriving and outselling D&D according to some measures.

The Pathfinder Reference Document: Paizo doesn’t even require you to purchase the rules to play the game, they can all be found here.  Now, the books are very nice and the .pdf versions are pretty cheap, so there is little reason not to, but this makes it really easy to get involved.

Pathfinder Society Organized Play:  Since I play a lot at conventions and events, I find this a great thing.  It allows people to make their own characters and progress through a campaign shared with people all over the world. It also means that if your game ends or your local group falls apart you can carry the character on at the next convention.

RPG Tools: For online play, it’s hard to beat free.   This site includes MapTool which allows people online to share a table top and move around virtual miniatures for doing combat.   Combines with a voice or video chat function, it is almost as good as sitting across a table form each other.