The scale for Warlands is odd.  It is advertised as 20mm, which mathematically comes out to roughly match the 1:72 scale used in military models.  The gunner on the Weasel Scout Buggy matches this nicely.  The vehicles, though are much different.  They seem to be close to the 1:64 scale used by collectible die cast toy makers.  This means that there is a ready supply of toy cars that can be converted for use in Warlands.  You have to be careful, though.  Often the toys are made to fit the box, rather than a true scale.  A volkswagen could end up close to 1/50 and a bus or ice cream truck could end up around 1:80..

I pulled a few toys out and bought a few to bulk out my forces.  Here are pictures of the first couple I finished.

The first is a modified Jeep I am using as a Weasel Scout Buggy with a rocket launcher until the full rules comne out.

Warlands 012

Warlands 013

The second is a collectible car I picked up years ago to honor the first car I ever owned.  I refer to it as the “Death Pinto”.  There are no special rules for it, it’s just a beat up under performing car.  I love adding drivers to these things.  They add a whole lot to the model.

Warlands 016

Warlands 015

Warlands 017