One of the units I have been anxious to see some from Warlands is the scrap mech.  I built this conversion when I found out that the rules would be available in the core rulebook, long before the model was released.  I have a number of the old Mechwarrior clix mechs that were made by WizKids.  Several of them we referred to as ‘Tonkas’ because they were yellow contruction vehicles that had little use in the game.  This one was a modified forestry mech.

The conversion was really simple.  I used a hobby knife to remove the clear plastic cockpit.  I used the existing glue line so it was pretty easy.  I cleaned up the old superglue to make a smooth joint.  I looked through my bits for a pilot and discovered a Stan Johansen driver that would work.  I cut off the barrel of his pistol to make it look more like a control device.  To continue the effect, I used the built in articulation to give the mech a pose similar to the driver and then glued the joints in place.

Painting was straightforward.  Drybrushing and solid colors, varying them to provide some contrast.  I painted on details to break up the large areas of color.  I got to the driver last.  Looking down I realized that if I didn’t do something the driver would not be very visible on the gaming table so I decided to add some contrast to him.   I painted his armor to look like an old street sign and had him wear a tiger striped football helmet.   He’s hard to miss now.  I gave the model a good weathering and it’s good to go.

This guy should get me by till the actual model is released by Abberant.  As it turns out a preview was recently posted on Aberrant’s forums, so the wait won’t be much longer.