One of the highlights for me at Origins this year was the Warlands Big Bash.  I was about half an hour early for the event but that gave me some time to chat with Tony and Bryan who are both great guys.  Tony pulled out his new toys to show me.  The gyro copter and motorbikes that were recently released, along with a couple character models which were really nice.  I wasn’t allowed to take pictures so no asking. 

One of the models is based on the pin-up girl which is featured on their website.  The proportions on the model were rather generous, even more so than the source material.  Tony grinned and explained that the sculptor assured him that the size of the model’s features were based on his lady and that it was well researched.  The previously announced wasteland wanderer model was even better, and it is in my opinion the best sculpted pedestrian model for Warlands to date.  They are concentrating on character models based on the feedback from players.  Generic infantry can be found easily in this scale as plastic model kits.  Aberrant recognizes this and is concentrating on interesting flavor pieces for your war band.

More interesting than the models, Tony showed me the most recent print of the Mac’s Body Shop.  This is the section from the core rulebook that details how to customize your vehicles and what kind of gear you can put on them.  All I can say is WOW!  If you want to build it, the rules are in there.  It presents the frames and base stats for many different kinds of vehicles.  From bikes to several different sizes of cars to trucks and what have you.  You can give them weapons, engines, armor whatever you want.  The rules for how to upgrade the published cars are clarified and there are many more options, including dropped weapons.  If you want crunch and customization, it’s in there.

What about the game?  Well it was a blast.  This was originally posted as a 200 point brawl, but with the number of players that showed up, that would have been impossible to fit on the table.  They decided to reduce forces to three vehicles each.  I had brought most of my vehicles and which turned out to be a good thing when Tony and Bryan combined quickly ran out of vehicles to use. The table was full of players and cars and chaos ensued.  There was way too much going on to give a play by play, so enjoy the pictures after the jump.