I found a couple more cars suitable for post apocalyptic fun.  A new model from Hot Wheels for 2011 called Buszzerk and an Iron Man 2 branded War Machine from Maitso.

The Hot Wheels car was designed as post apocalyptic from the start.  It has a crazy buzzsaw in the middle and it actually has a driver modelled in the back.   The downside is that it has the wheels I hate and an obnoxious orange color.  I’m probably going to drill the rivets and repaint the whole things.  I’m up in the air about how to turn it into game mechanics. I’ll keep you posted.


The Maitso car is a roadster with armored windows, a rollcage and twin mini-guns.  It practically makes its own stats.  The “glowing” paint on top is painted over a roof hatch, you can’t see the detail in the picture.  It is assembled with screws so it is easy to disassemble.  I’m going to primer the plastic parts black and drybrush them metal.  Reassemble and weather.  The figure in the picture is Aberrant’s RPG loader.