What follows is a sad story, but it started so well.  On one of the forums I frequent I ran across a reference to Elheim Figures.  They make 20mm figures in a lot of different genres.  They look great on the website and the prices were not that bad so I went to look. 

While browsing, I ran across some desert cultists in their pulp range, which I immediately wanted for Warlands.  I found an Amercan distributor and immediately ordered a few packs of their “Arab Type Cultists”, a “Cultist Leader” for the gang and a few others for fun. 

When I received them, I was pretty happy overall.  One of the figures had a broken sword, but there was a note enclosed that they had noticed this and threw in a replacement figure.  Pretty good service from the distributor, I must say.  While the newer models were outstanding, the cultists were not so good.  They looked to be cast from old molds and the anatomy was off when you looked at them from any direction other than the ones on the website pictures.  This is not unexpected, but what was worse were the integral bases.   They were all different sizes.  Some of them were a quarter of an inch tall and often the front foot of the figure was hovering over the base, not even touching it.  The figures on the website had to have been sawed off the bases they come with and rebased.  I was not looking forward to that kind of work. 

I was still thinking of using these in a scenario that was aproaching to I persevered.  I carved and sawed and cursed and finally got them all rebased and assembled.   I converted a couple to stand in as RPG teams.  I added an RPG made out of green stuff to the end of the rifle on the first.  The second was the guard with the broken sword.   I bent his arm a bit and filed a place to add a metal tube representing a makeshift bazooka.

I lined them all up and got to painting.  It went well and I used desert earth tones.  I shaded them with a wash, and drybrushed them with a sand color.  Quick and easy, but it looked good.  I was pretty excited about them, but then disaster struck. 

I took them outside and started spraying the clearcoat.  Normally it dries clear leaving a  nice protective finish.  Not this time.  They were all covered in a whitish mess covering the paint and detail.  Even the dark parts were almost white.  It was terrible.  

I present the final mess, with my story and a plea for help if anyone know show to fix this.