Waaay back when, when rocks were soft and dirt was new my best friend ran a gaming store.  He stocked the Mutant Chronicles Warzone game.  It was on the list of things were were going to do, but we never got around to it before he closed the store and went to school.  I had chosen to play their Imperial faction, and had bought a small army, most of which was re-purposed or sold.  One of the models which I loved was the Hurricane Walker.  It was a monstrous hunk of lead.  I loved the sheer over the top design of a World War Two bomber on legs.

I found it recently.  It was unpainted and a victim of my terrible modeling skills in those days.  I had a flash!  This has the retro science fiction feel that the NCR Rangers have and they need some support units.  I put a new base on it, carved off the layers of crusty superglue and sanded some of the putty work smooth.  While the base coat is drying I sat down to work up stats for it.

In Warzone it has decent armor, a pair of light machine guns and a special rule for stepping of infantry.  Eyeballing the model and using the descriptions in the TechCommander rules, we’ve got an AC3 MSV.  It’s on the slow side, so we give it a move of 14.  We’ll call the machine guns a pair of Spitters, but that may change.  I want to give it some good defense since it’s offense will be a little light, and it is described as something that infantry have trouble with.

We have a total of 15 tons for gear, and 30 power units to play with.

  • Spitter x 2 (Weight 4, Power 2)
  • Hardened Armor (Weight 6, Power 0)
  • Wild Weasel (Weight 2, Power 8 )

I think this is a nice set of integrated gear.  It leaves a little room to play with also.  I could see this one mounting a sensor upgrade too since it may end up with no guns to shoot on it’s second activation.


I’ve added a Google Spreadsheet showing the math for this one. LINK