My game announcement has been posted to the Charcon Forums.

Life in the post-apocalyptic wasteland is hard. One of the few ways to achieve fame and regular meals is to succeed in the Deathraces. The organizers of the races will often go into the wastes looking for the most bloodthirsty raiders they can find. The gangs will gather from across the wastes to fight for the chance at glory. Victory goes to the one that can drive off the field and the reward is the gasoline and wreckage from the fallen foes. A grizzly death waits for the defeated.

If that sounds like a game that is right up your alley then you should jump into a game of Warlands with GM Matt Smith.

Here is some more about the game:

Participants will be given a weaponized 1:64 scale vehicle to play with and rules will be taught. If you kill something, you take it home! There will be prizes for the player with the highest kill count and the most spectacular death. If you want to bring your own car and stats, you may optimize it as you like, but understanding that you probably won’t be taking it home. Participants will be able to jump in and leave at any time.

WARLANDS is a turbo-charged miniature game of cinematic combat set in the ruins of a post-apocalyptic earth. Where the last remnants of Man battle for supremacy and resources against mutants, the dead and each other! Where the warriors of the wastelands want but one thing, the black gold, the guzzoline.

This is a Keep what you kill demo so you may walk away with some cool stuff. There will also be prize support from Aberrant Games. There is no event fee but Matt will accept donations as he has put up some of the miniatures that players stand to walk away with.

A big thanks to Matt for his contribution to CharCon and the local gaming community!

I’ve been busy building lots of cars so we can have plenty of mayhem.  I hope we can get enough players to make it interesting.