A quick post with pics from recent projects.  The good weather has me outside a lot and things have slowed down. I have sworn to get all my resin painted, and I have some neat stuff in the pipe.  In the meantime, here is a hot wheels conversion.  There are a few cars in the 2010 line with clear bodies so you can see whats underneath.   Well, take that body off and you have great post Apocalypse material.  I added a driver and gunner from Stan Johannsen, and some plastic bits to fill in the holes.   The bike is the final conversion of the hot wheels bike I asked for help on a while back.   It definitely was not worth the time I invested, but it will be a unique piece.   I will need to decide if I want to take the trouble of converting the rest.

Camera 009

Camera 010

Camera 012

The last picture is a size pic of the Forces of Valor infantry with my interceptor.

Camera 013