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Last week at Charcon 2015 I ran a theme game for the convention. The theme was Monsters vs. Aliens, so I added in come cowboys and threw the whole mess into the western town I had been building. I used the Blackwater Gulch rules and miniatures, along with my Brigade Games alien invaders and some various monsters that came from prepainted RPG and Clix miniatures. I’ll upload the data cards used if people are interested.

Charcon_BWG_1 Charcon_BWG_8 Charcon_BWG_7 Charcon_BWG_6 Charcon_BWG_5 Charcon_BWG_4 Charcon_BWG_3 Charcon_BWG_2

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Apologies in advance.  This is more of a rambling journal entry than content.  Charcon was a big success and I have a lot of excitement and enthusiasm right now.  I need to think through what I want to do now rather then starting a bunch of projects that I will never get finished.  If I put my thoughts here, in a public place it will help keep me focused.  I have discovered that getting things finished and then playing with them is awesome and I want to do it more.

With a load of new stuff for TechCommander from Charcon, I have been thinking on what I want to do with it.  I also have three boxes of Wargames Factory Shock Troops, several boxes of Starship Troopers minis and a number of one off projects that have been sitting around waiting to be worked on.   This does not even remotely cover the two 40k armies that are collecting dust.   I have a lot of fun with Warlands and I have a lot left to paint, but now that my convention responsibilities are over, my enthusiasm is pushing me in a different direction.

I haven’t given up on my Warlands stuff to say the least, but my interest in is moving from building to actually playing the game for a while.  Since the local game shop has a play room for the young kids, I am promising myself to play Warlands once a month.  I still have a pile of cars left over from my “Keep What You Kill” demo, so I think I will run that a few times and plant the seeds of a few armies to play against.

So where is my modeling going?  For the moment, TechCommander.  I need to get together enough models that we could play games at the local store.  My first model, the limited edition AC3 Sparrow is pretty much complete.  It served me well at the con and it more than earned its paint.  I also have an AC4 Gladiator, which I have started cleaning.  It has lots of bubbles and flash and I really like the design so it will take me a while to finish.  The more I like something, the more OCD I get about it.  I got an AC4 Wartoad, and two AC2 Stingray grav tanks. Finally I was given a play-test model of the AC4 beast, in a bit of generosity that blew me away.  Seriously, the SDGS guys are top notch.

This gives me a lot to work with, but I am going to need some infantry and some other models if we are going to be able to have a decent death match.  I think that I can combine projects and meet the goals for each.  Lets start with those Shock Troopers.  I got these specifically to build up some NCR Rangers.   They look very close to the iconic picture from the front of Fallout: New Vegas.  TechCommander’s infantry rules are detailed enough that I could easily work them up and include them.  They would probably rely on tanks for vehicle support mostly.  The toy walker from the movie Avatar that I got on clearance will convert nicely to a large MSV and suit their retro-scifi style.  I also have an Imperial Hurricane walker from Warzone that never got finished that would suit them as well.  This gives me a bunch of infantry, an AC6 MSV and an AC3 MSV to add to the table.  The Starship Troopers models give me more infantry, and depending on the size, a few custom walkers that are probably AC2.  I also have a few 1/50 scale German WW2 tanks that are sitting around that I could stat up and toss in.

This gives me quite a haul.  I doubt I will be able to get all of it done, but killing two proverbial birds with one stone makes it easier to keep motivated.  I also have a sculpting project that I need to figure out, and I need to find time to do actual gaming.  I also intend to write some useful articles for Warlands for their Data Dump magazine and  for this blog as well.  Since I’m in on the ground floor with TechCommander, I would like to put up rules articles and build up the content for it.  Don’t be surprised if you see conversion articles for 40k and Starship Troopers in the near future.  TechCommander infantry work so much like the Mobile Infantry, it is just crying out for it.

OK, rambling accomplished. It’s time to get some actual work done.

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Sea Dog Game Studios had a great presence at Charcon again this year and you can find my picture gallery after the jump.  They ran the deathmatch scenario and there were lots of enthusiastic players and they sold out of starter kits.  In the interest of disclosure, I need to mention that I have started sculpting work for Techcommander. 

The last morning of the convention, an impulse buy by Dave turned into a special scenario as the town was overrun by vandals that filled it with lawn flamingos.  Brian quickly assembled a trophy to give to the player who destroyed the most of these blights on architecture. 

Enjoy the show.

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My game announcement has been posted to the Charcon Forums.

Life in the post-apocalyptic wasteland is hard. One of the few ways to achieve fame and regular meals is to succeed in the Deathraces. The organizers of the races will often go into the wastes looking for the most bloodthirsty raiders they can find. The gangs will gather from across the wastes to fight for the chance at glory. Victory goes to the one that can drive off the field and the reward is the gasoline and wreckage from the fallen foes. A grizzly death waits for the defeated.

If that sounds like a game that is right up your alley then you should jump into a game of Warlands with GM Matt Smith.

Here is some more about the game:

Participants will be given a weaponized 1:64 scale vehicle to play with and rules will be taught. If you kill something, you take it home! There will be prizes for the player with the highest kill count and the most spectacular death. If you want to bring your own car and stats, you may optimize it as you like, but understanding that you probably won’t be taking it home. Participants will be able to jump in and leave at any time.

WARLANDS is a turbo-charged miniature game of cinematic combat set in the ruins of a post-apocalyptic earth. Where the last remnants of Man battle for supremacy and resources against mutants, the dead and each other! Where the warriors of the wastelands want but one thing, the black gold, the guzzoline.

This is a Keep what you kill demo so you may walk away with some cool stuff. There will also be prize support from Aberrant Games. There is no event fee but Matt will accept donations as he has put up some of the miniatures that players stand to walk away with.

A big thanks to Matt for his contribution to CharCon and the local gaming community!

I’ve been busy building lots of cars so we can have plenty of mayhem.  I hope we can get enough players to make it interesting.

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I will be attending Charcon 2010 in Charleston, WV from October 22-24.   I will be running Warlands there.  Keep an eye here or on the Charcon site for more details.

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This year, I made the goal I set for myself to prepare and run an event at Charcon.  My game was 28mm skirmish game set to match the theme of the con which was “Pirates vs. Ninjas”.  I had a lot of initial interest, but as I expected, once the big name games got going, there was little interest.  I was just as happy, as I got a couple good sessions in, and it freed up my schedule to play Sailpower and Techcommander a lot, and to spend time with some old friends.  That being said, I only got a three pics, so here they are and I am including links to other sites with images from the con.

Pirate vs Ninja Brawl

Pirate vs Ninja Brawl

A captain sets his own powder on fire rather than give up the ship. When they explode, chaos ensues.

A captain sets his own powder on fire rather than give up the ship. When they explode, chaos ensues.

The opening battle of the Cylon War from Battlestar Galactica.  Sadly, I had to miss this one.

The opening battle of the Cylon War from Battlestar Galactica. Sadly, I had to miss this one.

Link goodness:

Coverage at the Sailpower Blog.

We made the local news.  Why do they always interview the ones with the strangest costumes?

and finally, the pics I wish I had taken, which include some shots from my game.

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