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I played some Sailpower at Origins and my mostly completed ship suffered the fate of all ships who sail before being christened, ill luck and an untimely demise.  My adventurers longboat became really useful as the crew sailed away after they lit the kegs as a surprise for boarders.  Lots of pics after the jump.

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Now for something different… A ship that is much less technology than usual.   This is an adventurer’s longboat for Sailpower.  You can only pick it up at cons.  This is a great game that I play whenever I can.  This little boat gives you a bonus to searching for treasure, something I need with the luck I have had so far.  I can’t leave things as they come so I added the sail, flag and a swivel gun.   I present to you, the Avarice.

Adventurer's Longboat 1

Adventurer's Longboat 2

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