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This one started as a toy from a kids meal.  I added some textured plastic card for armor plate and a couple bits from Stan Johannsen.  It’s a plain car intended to carry around an RPG team and cause some collateral damage by ramming convenient targets.

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I found a couple more cars suitable for post apocalyptic fun.  A new model from Hot Wheels for 2011 called Buszzerk and an Iron Man 2 branded War Machine from Maitso.

The Hot Wheels car was designed as post apocalyptic from the start.  It has a crazy buzzsaw in the middle and it actually has a driver modelled in the back.   The downside is that it has the wheels I hate and an obnoxious orange color.  I’m probably going to drill the rivets and repaint the whole things.  I’m up in the air about how to turn it into game mechanics. I’ll keep you posted.


The Maitso car is a roadster with armored windows, a rollcage and twin mini-guns.  It practically makes its own stats.  The “glowing” paint on top is painted over a roof hatch, you can’t see the detail in the picture.  It is assembled with screws so it is easy to disassemble.  I’m going to primer the plastic parts black and drybrush them metal.  Reassemble and weather.  The figure in the picture is Aberrant’s RPG loader.


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I scoured the internet and got the same advice that I got here.  There were two options for fixing my cultists.  The first was to coat it with gloss and then put a spray of dullcoat over that.  The second was to slowly strip it off by brushing on mineral spirits.  When this first happened, I sprayed the models again with matte sealer because it fixed things on a previous occation.  It made things worse.  I was concerned that I trapped two layers of discoloration. 

Ultimately, laziness won out and I decided that I would use the glosscoat method and if that did not work, I would melt it all off with thinner and start over.  I sprayed it over with glosscoat and let it dry.  It did not remove all of the discoloration, but it did get most of it.  I decided that they were good enough to play with and sprayed it will Testors dullcoat and called it good. 






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M2 Machines recently released a new series with beat up rusty project cars.  I picked up 4 of these.  I have avoided M4 in the past because they are kind of expensive for toy cars at $5 a piece.   These guys are all beat up and potentially a big time savings when it comes to painting. 

They come screwed onto a display base that needs to be removed.  It has some diamond plate texture, so it will go into the bits box for later conversions.

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What follows is a sad story, but it started so well.  On one of the forums I frequent I ran across a reference to Elheim Figures.  They make 20mm figures in a lot of different genres.  They look great on the website and the prices were not that bad so I went to look. 

While browsing, I ran across some desert cultists in their pulp range, which I immediately wanted for Warlands.  I found an Amercan distributor and immediately ordered a few packs of their “Arab Type Cultists”, a “Cultist Leader” for the gang and a few others for fun. 

When I received them, I was pretty happy overall.  One of the figures had a broken sword, but there was a note enclosed that they had noticed this and threw in a replacement figure.  Pretty good service from the distributor, I must say.  While the newer models were outstanding, the cultists were not so good.  They looked to be cast from old molds and the anatomy was off when you looked at them from any direction other than the ones on the website pictures.  This is not unexpected, but what was worse were the integral bases.   They were all different sizes.  Some of them were a quarter of an inch tall and often the front foot of the figure was hovering over the base, not even touching it.  The figures on the website had to have been sawed off the bases they come with and rebased.  I was not looking forward to that kind of work. 

I was still thinking of using these in a scenario that was aproaching to I persevered.  I carved and sawed and cursed and finally got them all rebased and assembled.   I converted a couple to stand in as RPG teams.  I added an RPG made out of green stuff to the end of the rifle on the first.  The second was the guard with the broken sword.   I bent his arm a bit and filed a place to add a metal tube representing a makeshift bazooka.

I lined them all up and got to painting.  It went well and I used desert earth tones.  I shaded them with a wash, and drybrushed them with a sand color.  Quick and easy, but it looked good.  I was pretty excited about them, but then disaster struck. 

I took them outside and started spraying the clearcoat.  Normally it dries clear leaving a  nice protective finish.  Not this time.  They were all covered in a whitish mess covering the paint and detail.  Even the dark parts were almost white.  It was terrible.  

I present the final mess, with my story and a plea for help if anyone know show to fix this. 

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I was finally able to win an eBay auction of some Dark Future figures to use in my Warlands games.  These are great figures and in many ways are better than anything that has been available since.  They show great detail and character and have the best faces I have seen on any figure in this scale. 

While I bought the auction for the infantry and bikes, there were some cars in it.  I could not help myself. I had to put one together and paint it up the same day.  This one was done as a buggy to go with the Vault Truck.  I tried to get a good picture of the driver.  It looks great, despite my quick and dirty paint job. 

A word of warning about these.  The figures were made over 20 years ago.  The plastic the cars are made of is getting brittle.  One of the roll cage bars snapped while I was assembling it.  It went right back in place with a little glue, but be careful.  These are showing their age in more that just its looks.

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Today I finally found an important addition to the Hot Wheels line. This is a Ford Falcon XB, made famous as the basis for Mad Max’s interceptor. I grabbed a couple to convert for Warlands.

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Pictures from the three demonstrations for Warlands that I ran at Charcon 2010.

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Just a couple pics showing my assembled sand surfers.  No paint on them yet, but I wanted to get a comparison shot with the interceptor and show the real size of these things.

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My game announcement has been posted to the Charcon Forums.

Life in the post-apocalyptic wasteland is hard. One of the few ways to achieve fame and regular meals is to succeed in the Deathraces. The organizers of the races will often go into the wastes looking for the most bloodthirsty raiders they can find. The gangs will gather from across the wastes to fight for the chance at glory. Victory goes to the one that can drive off the field and the reward is the gasoline and wreckage from the fallen foes. A grizzly death waits for the defeated.

If that sounds like a game that is right up your alley then you should jump into a game of Warlands with GM Matt Smith.

Here is some more about the game:

Participants will be given a weaponized 1:64 scale vehicle to play with and rules will be taught. If you kill something, you take it home! There will be prizes for the player with the highest kill count and the most spectacular death. If you want to bring your own car and stats, you may optimize it as you like, but understanding that you probably won’t be taking it home. Participants will be able to jump in and leave at any time.

WARLANDS is a turbo-charged miniature game of cinematic combat set in the ruins of a post-apocalyptic earth. Where the last remnants of Man battle for supremacy and resources against mutants, the dead and each other! Where the warriors of the wastelands want but one thing, the black gold, the guzzoline.

This is a Keep what you kill demo so you may walk away with some cool stuff. There will also be prize support from Aberrant Games. There is no event fee but Matt will accept donations as he has put up some of the miniatures that players stand to walk away with.

A big thanks to Matt for his contribution to CharCon and the local gaming community!

I’ve been busy building lots of cars so we can have plenty of mayhem.  I hope we can get enough players to make it interesting.

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