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During a recent walk through the toy aisle I noticed something bizarre.  Hotwheels new 2012 models include a car that has been hollowed out and had the cockpit and engine replaced by a crazy looking motorcycle.  It was a completely unrealistic toy that used two different scales on the same model.   Something in the back of my head made me look closer.  Unlike most Hotwheels cars, this one was modeled with a driver.  It occurred to me that maybe I could turn the middle part into a bike for Warlands.  I was strapped for time, so I tossed two into my buggy and went on about my business.

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I have still been working on Warlands when I’m not outside chasing children or doing other projects.  It’s just going more slowly.    This one will stand in as a Valiant.  The old Star Wars Action Fleet toys are a perfect fit for 20mm scale.

Fette's Vette1

Fette's Vette2

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A quick post with pics from recent projects.  The good weather has me outside a lot and things have slowed down. I have sworn to get all my resin painted, and I have some neat stuff in the pipe.  In the meantime, here is a hot wheels conversion.  There are a few cars in the 2010 line with clear bodies so you can see whats underneath.   Well, take that body off and you have great post Apocalypse material.  I added a driver and gunner from Stan Johannsen, and some plastic bits to fill in the holes.   The bike is the final conversion of the hot wheels bike I asked for help on a while back.   It definitely was not worth the time I invested, but it will be a unique piece.   I will need to decide if I want to take the trouble of converting the rest.

Camera 009

Camera 010

Camera 012

The last picture is a size pic of the Forces of Valor infantry with my interceptor.

Camera 013

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I spent a lot of work on this one and I am very happy with the results.   Pardon the awful pics, I’m still working out the kinks in my setup.




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On a recent trip to target I noticed a St. Patrick’s day necklace which had beads like beer kegs that were wonderfully sized for miniature terrain to provide some variation from the ever present oil drum.   Since I have been thinking a lot about scavenging in the wasteland, it was not a far reach to have a big keg for a fuel tank.  I tried a new painting style on the keg to get the details.




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This is a Hot Wheels car that I painted up to match the Vault Truck.  The gun was taken from a Mechwarrior clix vehicle.  This car is a good size, almost as large as a Jada Battle Machine.  It came with a spring powered launcher that would shoot the missiles out of the front.  I had to take the car apart and remove it and glue the front in place.   Overall, the end result are kind of boring compared to other things I’ve done and it has a more of a Car Wars style than Warlands.

Vault Car 1

Vault Car 2

Vault Car 3

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This is another Warlands vehicle.  This is an armored truck made by Maitso.  Their scale is all over the place, but some of them match up perfectly with the Warlands models.  This was a pretty quick conversion.   I glued on armor plates and made a magnetic mount to accept interchangeable gun turrets.  I did an experiment with the graphic and it turned out well enough.    I printed the graphic on an ink jet printer then coated it with white glue on both sides.  This protected it just enough that I got a nice weathered effect when I added the wash.   I’m happy with it.

Vault Truck

Vault truck 2

Vault Truck 3

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I had a lot of fun with the last Hotwheels buggy I converted, and I wanted to do another.   For this one, I used some parts I ordered from Stan Johansen Miniatures to add a nicer driver and a gun turret.   The parts were nice, but he uses lead in his pewter, so it’s soft and not for kids.  Hard to beat the price.  I ordered a few packs and now have a pile of bits for some bigger projects.

Sorry for the bad pictures.  I’ll redo them when I am able.

Nuke buggy1

Nuke buggy 2

Nuke buggy 3

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Here are some shots of the BlueCorp Fleet I created for the Kitbash Challenge over at the Starship Combat News forum.



What I made them from:

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