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I’ve been forcing myself to keep making progress on my older models before I’m allowed to work on the new ones.  I finished converting this one two years ago and it’s finally done.  I have a lot of trouble with white and yellow, but I am really happy with it.  The weathering on the blade is probably the best I’ve ever done.  What I’m not happy with is the camera.  The yellow is not supposed to glow.  I think it’s going to be replaced soon.



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Between Christmas shopping and my own looking for conversion fodder and Battle Machines I spent too much time in the toy aisle and after a while I wanted to wipe the smiles off the cute little faces of those happy little car toys.  Making this one was oddly therapeutic.

Lightning 1

Lightning 2

Lightning 3

Warlands 030

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The final buggy from my first starter box.   This is a record for how fast a project was finished after a con purchase.

Tigershark 1

Tigershark 2

Tigershark 3

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A converted Hotwheels car.  I always thought it looked a bit post-apocalyptic.  My version is a bit more so.  Oh, and it can fly.

Warlands 013



Warlands 016

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The scale for Warlands is odd.  It is advertised as 20mm, which mathematically comes out to roughly match the 1:72 scale used in military models.  The gunner on the Weasel Scout Buggy matches this nicely.  The vehicles, though are much different.  They seem to be close to the 1:64 scale used by collectible die cast toy makers.  This means that there is a ready supply of toy cars that can be converted for use in Warlands.  You have to be careful, though.  Often the toys are made to fit the box, rather than a true scale.  A volkswagen could end up close to 1/50 and a bus or ice cream truck could end up around 1:80..

I pulled a few toys out and bought a few to bulk out my forces.  Here are pictures of the first couple I finished.

The first is a modified Jeep I am using as a Weasel Scout Buggy with a rocket launcher until the full rules comne out.

Warlands 012

Warlands 013

The second is a collectible car I picked up years ago to honor the first car I ever owned.  I refer to it as the “Death Pinto”.  There are no special rules for it, it’s just a beat up under performing car.  I love adding drivers to these things.  They add a whole lot to the model.

Warlands 016

Warlands 015

Warlands 017

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I have located my missing drive full of articles and I am going to be posting them .   Enjoy.

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